Vacant Eyes

(Claudia, Robbie's sister, wrote this poem for her school newsletter when she was a senior in High School. "Vacant Eyes" and is about losing sweet Robbie.)

Vacant eyes.
Empty heart.
Something's missing.
Something's wrong.
Where do I turn?
What will help?
Pain doesn't go away.
Pain endures and intensifies,
Controlling my thought and body.
Vacant eyes,
Empty heart.
A void too immense to ever fill,
A soul aching for what it cannot find,
Hands outreached,
But gasping onto nothing.
I'm still here,
But he's not;
That says it all,
But there's so much more I feel,
Alone, confused, lost, angry, and scared.
With vacant eyes,
And an empty heart,
I am left to find a way to survive,
To learn to live again,
After the one I love is forever lost.

Claudia Kirkland '97